Peace Symbol Pink Perfect Pom-Pom Hoops.

Saw these pretty pink peace symbol earings and just couldn’t resist its perfect feel, oh and yeah I got these from my favourite fleaΒ market Sarojini.

Peace Pink Pom-Pom Earings

Peace symbol pink perfect pom-pom earings

These beauties can be teamed up with absolutely anything. Try making these hoop and Peace Pom-Pom hoops yourself, or get them custom made by me. I’d love to make them for the people who like my ideas.

Untill the next post….
Have a good one folks…


✨Go different!✨


Flee shopping is my favourite, you can get everything…..almost everything in Delhi’s flee markets.

Out of all the markets in Delhi, I love shopping at Janpath for jewellery. Man….there isn’t a single fashion you can’t get at Janpath. Ya, so got these amazingly crazily beutiful peacock earings.These gorgeous drooping peacocks can be teamed up with any cotton kurti to give it a great ethnic finish to your look.

So don’t step back to try something different, but go for it. Go different…Go stylish!✨

Fur beauty!Β 

Fur has always looked super hot!! Personally I’ve always felt that they are too sexy. Fur can sexify any evening gown, so I went to shop them.

So there I was at zara store, staring at those perfect pair of fur heels. The moment I had look at the tag my heart sank. So I decided to get the perfect pair of fur heels in my budget. Got a roll of fur string and my heels. Cut the string into the right size of the sandal straps and pasted it on them. And there they were…… my love in my budget.

Moral of the story, just try and make what you can’t buy. Creativity makes me feel happy and satisfied.

So try it for yourself people….get creative!

DIY spring jewellery….

I personally recommend that one should try creating something new everyday…
so let’s start creating earings for your own. The other day i was just was cleaning my cupboard and came across to scarf which i really loved but now it has gone too old, so i decided to make a pair of hoop earings out of it.
So get the any fabric you would like to try it on and start creating something customized Β on your own.

DIY lace earings
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💙Best pal promise ring…💙


This Valentines Day gift your ​best friend a promise ring and make her feel special!! 

For people who don’t know what to gift there crush, should gift her a cute mid ring. Mid rings are free size rings which doesn’t need to be an appropriate fit in her finger ring but can be worn in any finger, and you need not worry about her finger size at all.

These mid rings from accessorize are just adorable. She will never feel pushed to say yes to your proposal of keeping a promise to be best pals forever.


Jhumkas for all the ethnic attires you’ve got..!!

Beads have allways been in fashion, what else can be better than beaded jhumkas?

Jhumkas have always been in fashion. I personally believe that one should no lt wear what’s in fashion, Instead wearwhat suits you and your personality.

So jhumkas are very safe as a jewellery piece. They suit everyone and no one can ever go wrong with them.But the size of the jhumka should really be taken in thought.
Will surely share a little more ideas of mineon how to style jhumkas with what attire.

The Haute fashion

“Haute Fashion” is all about the creative personality every girl has in herself. I as a creative person love to create my own jewelery…

Designing your own clothes or jewelery can be the most interesting and proud part of you. Look into your personality and do what ever you feel like doing. Fashion is all about loving your thoughts and respecting them.

Β  Β Don’t ever forget to believe in yourself… things come into fashion because people like to experiment, never underestimate your potential of creating something new.